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Grief Release Wishes Vessel
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  • Grief Release Wishes Vessel
  • Grief Release Wishes Vessel
  • Grief Release Wishes Vessel
  • Grief Release Wishes Vessel
  • Grief Release Wishes Vessel
  • Grief Release Wishes Vessel

Grief Release Wishes Vessel


Grief Release Wishes Vessel

Grief Release WishesSympathy and Memorial Gifts is an area beset with dilemmas; how do you strike the right tone with your thoughts on wanting to support someone in your life who is now facing the journey of grief?

How do you show them you can't possibly know their grief yet somehow know that time now resonates with such different meaning to someone who is bereaved?

Many of us don't have the right elegant skill to truly help the bereaved with their transition.

That's why we created the Grief Release Wishes Vessel *. In the reality of anniversaries of lost occasions, lost events, lost moments, OR the anniversary of the death (particularly the first one), this sympathy gift solemnly acknowledges that each griever will have their own readiness in how they come through their own journey of grief.

White calm is infused with black glitter spears - like turbulent storm cloud roots - how grief penetrates our lives. But our memories (luminescent gold) of the deceased will always remain even after the storm has passed.This beautiful Captured Wish (height approx 30mm x 15mm width) vessel can help you to communicate what you're feeling, without risking offense to the person who receives it.

A simple yet powerful sentiment, the recipient can come to terms with the myriad of anniversaries that are not to come because of their loss - a next birthday, chances for family memories, future accomplishments - the events and occasions in life are anniversaries themselves. With this Grief Release Wishes Vessel, the words and colors provide a calm, reflective mood for dealing with the difficult feelings.

What makes this product unique is that it can be given at any time; overcoming grief is an entirely personal event which has no time frame for the bereaved. Coming to terms is their journey. This vessel waits for them and their internalized decision to let grief recede and rejoice in the life memories that remain.

Simply adding your signature to the included note in the pocket may be all that is required, but there's also room to write your personal thoughts or memories.

Grief Release Wishes Vessel* by Captured Wishes will meet your desire......with wishful-filled creations that speak for your heart.

* Charm Style May Vary with Availability

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